Manda and the Marbles

Here we have two pictures of Manda and the Marbles (a power pop band) from Columbus, Ohio, taken at their July 14th, 2002 show at Bernie's Distillery in Columbus.  On the left is Manda Marble with her bass, and on the right the whole band.  The pictures were taken from a vantage point somewhat to the right of the stage, which is why drummer Mark Slak is almost hidden behind guitarist Joe A. Damage, but that side of the stage isn't a bad place to be, since Manda generally glances up and to her left while playing rather than looking directly out at the audience (my theory is that she's shy, but she could be looking at Joe).

The band has a nifty website at with links to MP3 downloads and a page for ordering CD's and t-shirts, as well as more pictures, a schedule of shows, a fan club site, and various other things.  Go listen and then buy a CD--you know you want to.