Scott's Web Page

Yeah, you knew I had to do it eventually--I've updated my web page.  I've decided to replace the old pictures with some taken this century.&npsp; We also have pictures of rockets and my travels in Eastern Europe as well as some pictures of Manda and the Marbles.  As an added bonus, we now have pictures of an Iowa caucus.

Okay, here are some pictures of me.  The two tops ones are fairly recent.  The one at the bottom left is me trying not to look cool (actually, I was letting a daughter of my brother's friend play with my camera, and that's her tiara.  Really).  The last one is me at my night job.

Picture the FirstPicture the Second

Picture the ThirdPicture the Fourth

This is Patches.  He's a lot more popular than I am (click on the upper left one for a bigger version).  Note the picture at the upper right, which is also a commentary on the state of my desk.  Note how thoughtful he looks in the ones where he's awake.

Now, here are pictures of my current cats, Loki and Ramses.